The Royal Meadow

27th September 2018

We had spent over a year planning and waiting for the right time to create our Royal Meadow.

The wildlife reports encourage an increase in biodiversity in the park and the trees, mostly planted at the same time were generally all falling at the same time too! When we were gifted over 40 boxes of seeds from Royal Kew Gardens we began to think about how we could create an event to encourage young people to invest in the site. THis is when the Royal Meadow was born.

The park was originally gifted in memory of King George V and the seeds from Royal Kew offered the opportunity for a perfect connection. We began to sow the meadow on October 27th with children from Foxhill, Shibden Head and Russell Hall Primary. The weather was incredible – like a summers day!

The Lord Mayor of Bradford visited as did Mr. Neil Foster our VIP.

Mr Foster is the grandson of the family who gifted the park to the people. You can listen to parts of his speech in this lovely video by Alan Hamer.



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